Youth Work in Healthcare

I started my trainee youth worker role at University Hospital Southampton excited at the prospect of supporting young people in healthcare and studying youth work.

Doing my research, I realised there was limited training available locally that provided such a diverse programme. When contacting No Limits I was relieved to find an organisation with a wealth of knowledge and experienced staff, who were delivering a new programme. I signed up straight away.

Joining a group of new people, with the majority as No limits workers, I felt apprehensive. I didn’t need to worry, I was welcomed into the group as a member of the No limits family. 

The course opened my eyes to the world of youth work! The programme was delivered with just passion and drive. The experience and knowledge of the staff provided an enriched learning environment; where I could easily access support and guidance. I was able to explore all aspects of youth work, drawing on people’s skills and experience to enhance learning and reflect on my own working.

Within the hospital we had a need for youth support in our emergency department (ED). After discussion with No Limits, I was delighted they were able to provide support in this department. Working in partnership with No Limits has not only given me the foundations to enhance my skills, but now provides youth support in ED from experienced and passionate staff.

Becky Cutler

Youth Worker

University Hospital Southampton Foundation Trust