No Limits Trading’s Coffee & Catch-Up Networking Event Summary – April 2021

Last Month, we held another edition of our monthly Coffee & Catch-Up Networking Event. Once again, we saw a great turnout, with plenty of brand-new faces. Thank you to everyone who took part, it was fantastic to hear about what you are all getting up to and to receive your insights into the current situation that we are living in.

We started the session by asking the question “What stories will you tell people in the future about the events of the past year?” – and we received some great responses. Lot’s of people talked about how different people have come together and helped each other during these difficult times, whilst others reflected on how the pandemic has given them an opportunity to learn new skills, and to get on and do things that they otherwise wouldn’t have had time to do. Some even looked to the future, hoping that the story that they will be able to tell people is the story that we all used the pandemic as an opportunity to change the way that we live so that we can build a green and sustainable future,

A screenshot from our most recent Coffee & Catch-Up Networking Event.

We then opened the floor to allow everyone to pitch their ideas, events and opportunities to each other, sharing what they have going on within their business, organisation, or independent project. This was a great opportunity for the attendees to share their ideas and suggest how they can each help one another to achieve each other’s goals.

It was great to see such a wide-variety of organisations attend. From charities such as Safe New Futures, The Princes Trust and The Saints Foundation, to local businesses such as BeGreen Cleaning. We even had staff-representatives from the University of Southampton, to talk to attendees about the opportunities open to businesses and organisations for their students to work with them as part of an internship or project. These connections pave way for new collaborations. Following the event, we’ve seen lots of collaborations between attendees, including No Limits Trading’s push to help Crestwood Community School obtain pots, compost and seeds for their school’s nature-themed Mental Health Awareness Week activities.

Our next event is happening on Tuesday 25th May 2021. Could you be the next person to benefit from the connections made at these events? Visit our Eventbrite page, (, to book your free ticket today.

We hope to see you there!

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Tuesday 25th May 2021
8:30am – 9:30am
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